As a professional, the fees you receive for your services are the lifeblood of your practice. But for your clients, paying professional fees upfront and in full often places an additional burden on the cash flow of the business. Or similarly, a strain on the family budget.

With Westlawn Professional Fee Funding, however, you can now offer clients an affordable payment alternative.

While your practice receives payment promptly and in full, your client pays manageable monthly instalments over a fixed term via direct debit.

That’s a win for you … and a win for your clients.

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Benefits of professional fee funding

The benefits of professional fee funding for your practice include:

  • Reduces outstanding debtors
  • Improves your cash flow as fees are paid promptly upon issue of an invoice
  • Increases prospects for your practice to engage in longer term projects as clients have an affordable option for funding your services, and
  • Funding is available with no additional cost to your practice.

And for your clients, the benefits include:

  • Simple application process
  • No business assets required as security
  • Automatic deductions via direct debit removes regular paperwork
  • Improves business cash flow as fees are spread over affordable monthly instalments. Money is instead available for other business activities
  • Provides an additional hassle-free business line of credit
  • Professional fee funding is GST-free (as GST is included in client’s tax invoices for your professional services), and
  • In most cases, interest charged is 100% tax deductible for the business.

Fee funding for a wide range of services

Westlawn Professional Fee Funding is suitable for much more than paying legal fees and annual accounting fees. It can also be offered for consulting fees on special or one-off projects such as:

  • Strategic planning and business development
  • Business plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Due diligence on business sales or acquisitions
  • Funding of on-site accounting staff for extended periods, and
  • Funding for work in progress.

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